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CECU Supports Call for Lobbyist Registry

In the spirit of improving transparency and public oversight at the City of Edmonton, the Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions firmly supports Councillor Michael Janz’s call for a lobbyist registry for City Council and senior administration.

Lobbyist registries are tools that help to increase public accountability and trust in elected officials and senior administrators by keeping track of lobbyists who meet and share information with those decision makers. The goal isn’t to limit the information received, but to make sure that all the factors going into a decision are transparent.

City Council and senior administration are tasked with making decisions concerning millions of dollars, so it is essential that there is as much transparency as possible to ensure that decisions are being made in the public interest. A lobbyist registry is a key tool in this endeavour and such a registry would be consistent with practices currently in place at other levels of government (as well as in other municipalities) and has been recommended by City Council’s Ethics Advisor as recently as last year.

The CECU urges Council to establish a lobbyist registry – along with any other measures that could help to increase public accountability and trust – and is prepared to participate in any public feedback forums that could help inform such a process.

If you would like more information, Lauren Boothby has an article in the Edmonton Journal or Councillor Janz has posted about it on his website (both linked below).