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On Sunday, ATU 569 President Steve Bradshaw announced that DATS members had unanimously voted to authorize a strike after contract negotiations with the City of Edmonton have hit a wall. The main issue to be resolved is that DATS Operators are currently paid $2.68 per hour less than a conventional operator, a pay gap which is a legacy of when DATS first joined ATU in 1995.

President Bradshaw said that the unanimous vote “sends a clear message to City Council that DATS drivers are done with being treated like second class workers.”

ATU and the City are currently in mediation, but if that fails the Union is prepared to move toward job action. “Strike action will not be easy. These workers care deeply about their clients and will not see them without essential transportation services. Innovative work disruptions will be deployed.” Bradshaw said.

The Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions supports ATU and its DATS members 100%. These members have been underpaid for years and we urge City Council and Administration to right this wrong.


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