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Civic Service Union 52 (CSU) is a valued member of our Coalition and we completely support their members as they continue to fight for a fair agreement. The CECU was founded so that Civic Unions could work toward common goals and stand together during times just like this. ATU 569, CUPE 30, EFFU 209 and IBEW 1007 stand by those values and are committed to supporting CSU 52.

CSU’s collective agreement expired in 2020, so it’s been a long process to get to this point. Coming out of the pandemic and into a period of high inflation, CSU members are justified in demanding a better deal than what’s on the table from the City. Like all City workers, CSU members are passionate about the work that they do but it is not their job to subsidize the City’s budget with their wages.

CECU Liaison Liam Peuramaki said “the result from CSU’s recent poll of their members are a sign that those members are engaged with their Union and willing to fight for a fair deal. It’s inspiring to see and we are with them 100%.”

As CSU moves through mediation, the leaders of our five Unions will continue to meet regularly and come up with ways we can best support CSU and its members as they fight for a fair deal from the City.

Visit CSU 52’s website for bargaining updates