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On November 28, City Council will hear from the public about the 2023 – 2026 Budget.

Next week City Council will begin their budget deliberations for the 2023-2026 Capital and Operating Budgets. The Operating Budget is the funding for services that Union members like you provide to Edmontonians every day (311, Fire Rescue, Waste Services, Transit, etc), while the Capital Budget is for building and maintaining infrastructure that enables you to provide those services.

The budget is always a challenging time for Council, but this year, funding is especially tight. Conversely, there is no shortage of demands for funding. Key priorities like a new transit garage, improved staffing for the snow and ice control program, and supports for vulnerable Edmontonians are essential to keep the City running and safe.

As it stands, City Administration is proposing a 3.9% tax increase for each year of the four year budget. Edmonton is growing year over year, but funding for essential services like DATS and Parks and Roads has not kept up to growth. If the City is going to continue to deliver services that Edmontonians depend on every day, Council has to commit to funding those services. That means funding for more front-line workers so that the same areas aren’t expected to always do “more with less,” which only leads to excessive overtime, burned out employees, and lesser service.

On November 28, Union Presidents will participate in the Budget Public Hearing, bringing the concerns of members to City Council. This feedback from the frontline workers will help guide Council as they proceed with their budget deliberations and equip the City to continue providing essential services to Edmontonians.

If you want more information, visit the City’s Budget page ( or if you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your Union office.